Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

We have been busy at the Thomas house. I feel like we are never at home other than to sleep. The week of 4th of July I took off work all week because my parents took a vacation, so I got to stay home and enjoy time with Jaxon all week (it was wonderful)! Anyways so while I was home with baby boy I got behind on my blogging, obviously. So I promise to post some pics tomorrow of what we have been doing the last 2 weeks. While I was at home with Jaxon we practiced the sound "ma-ma" which he is saying all the time now. Most recently though was this past weekend (the 3rd, 4th, and 5th) he was waking up like 6-9 times a night- absolutely horrible. Finally on Monday (which never seemed like it would come) I took him to the doctor and he apparently has some allergies. His doctor put him on Allegra twice a day and it has helped tremendously. Poor baby by the time we got to see the Dr. on Monday he was sneezing, coughing, had a runny nose and what rubbing his eyes and nose all the time. But like I said the medicine has helped a lot and he is doing much better and only woke up 2 times last night. I feel like I might be able to make it. (lol yeah right)!I promise tomorrow I will post some new pics!

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