Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend News

We had a pretty low key weekend. First I got some pics of Jaxon playing with the doggy door. I have been waiting for this day and after nine long months he finally found it. Although I was surprised that he did not try to put anything through it other than his hand! ha

Next he is sitting in Harly's chair. I bought this chair for her when we moved into this house and it sits at the front window and that is where she stays. She loves to look outside and watch everything that is going. Anyways I have been thinking about getting Jaxon a bean bag or a little chair of his own so I thought I could test this one out and see if he likes it. I was surprised but he did stay in it for a total of maybe 6-8 minutes which for my child if anybody knows him is wonderful. He is a very busy body always on the move and never calm!!!
First he is Harly!! My furry baby!!!

Okay here he is with his sippy cup. Really he is just chewing on it because he does not like it and really just enjoys playing with it! Watching Praise Baby collection, which I love! Pretty calm- I was shocked!!!

Okay I have had enough- how do I get out of this thing?

Can you help me- Mommy?

And he is off

We headed over to a friend's house yesterday afternoon for a cookout. We had fun visiting with everybody.

Brandy, Cade and Jaxon (love this pic)

Supper Time!

I want my mommy!

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