Monday, July 20, 2009

9 month

Okay Jaxon's actual birthday was last Thursday the 16th, but I took this pic this weekend and wanted to list what he is doing.

9 months
  • Weight: 20 lbs 8oz (50%)
  • Length: 31 inches (97%)
  • You are still wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes. At this point your length is not an issue in your clothes because you are either in a onsies or shorts. Now that is going to be an different story come the fall, when I have to find pants long enough for you that are not to be in the waist.
  • Have two teeth on bottom
  • Crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything
  • While standing up will let go of whatever you are holding on to and stand for 10 seconds and then fall down.
  • Will take a few steps behind a push toy
  • Will say "da-da, ma-ma, and will wave bye-bye when you want to. Never ever on Que!!!
  • Still not sleeping all night- work in progress! On average waking up 1-2 times a night
  • Not fighting sleep hardly at all anymore like you did when you were younger. We will just rock you a little and you are off to sleepy-land
  • You have really started liking the great outdoors even in the 100 degree weather. You know when we walk out the door it means we are going outside. You like to stand at the windows and look outside.
  • You chase Harly around the living room trying to get her toy when she wants me or daddy to play with her. When you get close to her she will just grab it and run to the other side of the living room.
  • Eating some #3 baby foods. Table food that you like- Cheetos, scrambled eggs, crackers
  • You are clingy at times and it really all depends on your moods. Sometimes you only want me no matter who we are around and sometimes you really want daddy, poppa, or papaw. You are really cute when you like to act shy and hide your face and not make eye contact with whoever is talking to you!

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