Monday, November 16, 2009

Weeknds full of Nothing

Josh and I were talking this weekend about how all week long we can't wait for the weekend and then we do nothing. He said what is so good about the weekend if we do not do anything. When I say anything we mean basketball game Friday night, birthday party Saturday, out to eat Saturday night and church on Sunday. I explained to Josh that I look forward to the weekend even if we do not do anything because I get to spend time with him and Jaxon. I love getting up on Saturday morning and not having to immediately start getting ready to go some where. I enjoy morning time with my precious little boy because most mornings it feels as though I just barely have enough time to scoop him out of the bed, change his diapers and clothes and then out the door we go. I love not being rushed on the weekends and not having to be anywhere on time. If we decide to do something we do not have to rush, just go at our own pace and enjoy. If I have learned nothing else in my life I will always remember that we are not promised tomorrow and that we should live everyday as though it could be our last- because it very well could be. In the everyday rush of life I always thank God for my many blessings and the breathe he gave me this morning. Life is so short and we take it for granted!

With all that being said I enjoy the weekends because we do nothing, but spend time together. When my life is over I want to have so many memories of time with my family and friends. This coming weekend- Birthday party Friday night, my niece dancing in the Mistle Toe Fair Saturday morning. Best of all an old friend from college days- Ken and his family are coming through Texarkana Saturday afternoon and they are going to stop and visit. I am so excited- Ken and Erin are the sweetest couple and they have 9 month old twin girls that are adorable. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the girls at all and have not seen Erin since their wedding which was 2 years ago. So I am ecstatic to have them come visit and let all our little people meet. Haha Also, I cannot leave off church nursery Sunday morning. All in all I cannot wait for another weekend.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Pics

We took Jaxon to the Fall Festival at our church. He had a really good time watching all the other kids and he enjoyed the bouncy house. We also took him to the grandparents' house to trick or treat (off course he his not getting all that candy, but mommy and daddy are enjoying it).

Jaxon and Cade

Ooohhhh! Look at all those goodies!

My Little Tiger!