Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jaxon & Cade

Yesterday my best friend Brandy, her husband Brandon and their baby Cade (who is only 5 weeks younger than Jaxon) came over for a visit. So Jaxon is now 9 months and Cade is 8 months so they are really starting to pay attention to each other and it is so sweet. Mostly it is hilarious though because Jaxon tries to crawl all over Cade and he also likes to try and bite him ( something we are going to have to work on in the near future). So here are some pics of the boys Look at those pretty blue eyes!

Best Friends!!! AKA - Partner in trouble (these two I am sure are going to make us go completely gray)!

Next is Jaxon playing in my closet, which he loves to do (probably because it is so messy and alot of stuff on the floor to get into). He likes to get in the hanging clothes and hide. Notice he has found one of my sports bras and has managed to get it around his neck and one arm and is wearing it!!!

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