Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Our weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday when I got home from work I decided to re-arrange the living room. I meant to take some pics to post to get feedback but I forgot. I will take some tonight and post them tomorrow. First I have two pics of Jaxon with his 4th of July outfit on that I forgot to post last week. I just can't believe how big his is getting, they grow up so fast. He looks like he is trying to dance! lol

The next pic is of me and Josh Saturday night we went out with a big group of friends.

The men in my life. Jaxon and Josh ready for church Sunday morning. I have left Jaxon in the nursery before (without me staying in there with him) twice I think. Both times he did really well. But not yesterday he cried when I handed him to the nursery worker and then I calmed him down. When I left I heard him cry again and I waited outside the door until he quit and then I went on back into the sanctuary. Then about 15 minutes went by and my number popped up on the screen so I walked really fast back to the nursery and Jaxon had almost made himself sick from crying. Ms. Glenda (sweet sweet nursery worker) said she hated to make me come back and get him but that he was not happy. It was so sad he was all splotchy on his face and his nose was running. It broke my heart! I just hope he does not start this every Sunday. Pray for us that he does better next week! Notice the shoes he wore all of 5 minutes maybe, he HATES shoes!!! and the last two pics are of Jaxon playing in all his toys Sunday afternoon. He likes to sit down and pull the toy box over and drag ever toy out of the box. Adorable!

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