Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Look!

Okay as I promised here are some pics of my living room. I re-arranged the love seat and recliner and moved Jaxon glider back to his bedroom. The glider has been in the living room for a long time, but we needed the room in the living room for Jaxon's toys. Now he has a corner that we push all his toys into so that are not all out in the middle. At least it makes me feel like the living room is not a total disaster.
This first pic is looking in from the kitchen/dining area

The entertainment Center- One of my favorite things about the living room. I found a similar entertainment center on the Internet and printed it off. When we were building it I gave it to my husband and this is what I got! It looks a lot like the picture- guess that is what you get when you husband and father-n-law are carpenters. Notice the blinds are up on the window to the right, because some little boy likes to stand and look out the windows (wonder who that is)!

I apologize for the next pic for whatever reason I could not get it to post correctly. Not sure what I did. The love seat and recliner are directly across from the couch.
Here is Jaxon in his some new swim trunks. Well I have had this pair of trunks for a really long time but he is just now fitting into them. I actually bought these back about 3 years ago before we were ever even talking about having kids. I found them on a sales rake at Wal-Mart they were $1.50 I could not resist.

Jaxon and Mommy ready to go for a swim!

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