Thursday, December 3, 2009


I was blessed enough to get to be off the whole week of Thanksgiving. The perks of working in a school district. We had a full week, including two awesome visits from old friends, family reunion, two Thanksgiving dinners, night out with friends and one night had a bunch of friends over to watch a UFC fight on TV. First I have pics of our visit with Ken and Erin. Josh and I went to college with Ken at SAU. He married Erin a couple of years ago and they now have twin 9-month old little girls. Ken and Erin are originally from Memphis, TN. and currently live in Galveston, TX. They were headed back home for the holidays and stopped at our house for a break. Texarkana is conveniently a great spot in the middle and it was so AWESOME to see them. Josh and I really want to try and go down to visit them in the spring. Take Jaxon to the beach for the first time- cant wait. Here are some pics from their visits.
Ken, Josh and Hailey (I think) :) Mattie, Hailey and Jaxon

Erin, Jaxon and who knows?

Next are various pictures from the week..

Jaxon was trying to help Daddy take out his bag of dirty diapers! This was so hysterical and the cutest thing!

Ready for Church- I thought this sweater was adorable!

Jaxon has came across his sunglasses that now he likes to wear! Too funny!

I received a box in the mail this week and as you can see it had those little styrofoam things in them and Jaxon thoroughly enjoyed them. Needless to say they were everywhere after he got done playing with them. We had to get the vacuum cleaner out to get them all up.