Friday, July 10, 2009

New Pics!

Okay here are some pics from last week when I got to stay home with the little man. In the first two he has found the window and loves to look outside!

The next two: I caught Jaxon giving Harly some loving the other morning! it was so sweet I looked over and he was patting her on the back and she was just sitting there. Her expression was like "Please make this kid quit hitting me!" Harly does really good with Jaxon sometimes I will catch him pulling her hair or trying to head butt her and she doesn't do a thing just lays there until someone notices and pulls Jaxon off.

I was doing laundry last night and Jaxon was in the utility room with me. When I left to take the clothes into the living room to fold them I put him in the basket and he thought is was funny!

Okay if you saw some of my older posts you know there are some pics of Jaxon and me in front of sunflowers. Well the last one bloomed yesterday and it was the tallest one yet. So to show how tall it really was I made Josh hold Jaxon in front of it. The pic turned out kinda foggy and I am not sure why, but anyways it is crazy at how tall these flowers are!!!


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