Monday, September 28, 2009

O so Busy!

Let me start by saying "I hate rushing all the time!" That is exactly what I feel like I do. I never take time to relax and not rush to the next appt., work, etc... I even find myself eating my food really fast when I am not even in a hurry. Then I stop myself and try and slow down. With that being said we have been really busy around the Thomas house lately. So finally this weekend we did not do anything and just relaxed. It was extremely nice to not have to be anywhere and Sat. I did not even leave the house. ha- I loved it!!! On Friday Jaxon started his third antibiotic, hopefully this one will knock out this viral infection he has had. Last week the fair was in town and we took Jaxon out there twice. He absolutely loved the fair, mostly because he loves to be outside and we rode a few ride and he enjoyed that! Anyways we just got a new laptop so I will be getting some new pics and video up soon.

Update on the Wilson baby
He had open heart surgery last week. They got everything fixed and he made it through the surgery. Still keep this family in your prayers they have a really long road ahaead of them!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everybody is Sick!

Everyone in the Thomas House is either currently sick or has been sick. Josh was sick with the crud about a week ago. Then Jaxon started feeling bad last Friday. Of course the Friday before a three-day weekend. Which always kinda scares me because I always think we would have to go to the ER because the pediatrician's office would not be open. So we made it through the weekend and he really didn't get bad until Monday night. So Monday night we were up until around 4 because he could not breathe very well and just coughing, sneezing basically the works. Anyways so he finally passed out around 4 and then I called in sick to work and took him to the Dr. I was completely exhausted from not getting any sleep and then Tuesday morning I also was not feeling very good. Jaxon had an infection and he is now on antibiotics and so am I. We both are starting to feel better and he only got up one time last night- woo hooo! Also I have a prayer requests a couple that used to go to our church and we still keep in touch through mutual friends are going through some difficult times. They are pregnant with their 2nd child and having some major problems. She is going to deliver in a couple of weeks in Little Rock and as of right now they know the baby has double cleft palates and major heart problems. Please please keep this family (The Wilson's) in your prayers.