Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a pretty lazy weekend, we did not do alot. We did go swimming again with Brandy, Brandon and Cade. After swimming we went out to eat at a hole in the wall restaurant that was really good. So I am going to post a bunch of various pics from the weekend. I also left Jaxon in the nursery yesterday for the first time. I always take him to the nursery and stay in there with him, but yesterday I left him and went back to the sanctuary. The ladies in the nursery said that he did great!

Cute boys with their shades on!

Here I am with both the boys. As you can see Jaxon is trying to take Cade's sippy cup!
I had to take a picutre of this! My in-laws have planted these sunflowers and they are huge. We set the boys in front of them for some pics. Then I took a pic with Jaxon just to show how tall they are. They are taller than me and I am 5'9- that is just CRAZY!!!

I had been getting a baby shower gift ready and Jaxon heard the tissue paper. So here he came a crawling and I gave him a piece. He got in front of the mirror and really had a good time shaking that paper all around. Finally had to take it away when he had ripped it to shreds and started eating it. haha!

Jaxon 8-months

I know that today is June 22 and Jaxon was 8 months old on the 16th. But I still took his pic and wanted to list what new things he has been doing.

What you are doing at 8 months:

  • You are wearing 6-9 months clothes. Really you are right on track as far as your size, except that you area extremely long (you are going to be tall)
  • Eating mostly baby food, but you like to taste whatever mommy and daddy are eating. Things you have tried off our plates... beans, mash potatoes, roll, strawberry, cool whip, cheetos, vanilla wafers
  • You are still taking 2 naps a day each are usually 1-2 hours long- one in the morning and the other mid-afternoon
  • You weigh 20 pounds and I am not for sure on length
  • Crawling everywhere and getting into everything
  • Very wary of strangers, lots of times will cry if they hold or try to talk to you
  • 2-weeks ago you said "da-da" I am pretty sure it was on accident! haha
  • You are also pulling up on everything- the couch, my legs, chairs
  • You still only have 2 teeth and they are on bottom
  • You love to go swimming and ride the four-wheeler
  • You love Harly and always try to touch and pull her hair. You know her name because when I call her you start looking around for her. When you are in your stoller you try and run her down.
  • You go to bed at 8:30 now and usually wake up around 12:30-2 and will go back to sleep with some patting and then wake up again around 4am and you get a bottle then. After the bottle you go back to sleep and don't get up until 7ish.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pool Party

We went swimming this weekend on Sat and Sunday. This was Jaxon first time in a pool. I knew he would love it becuase he loves playing and splashing in the bathtub!

Jaxon's BFF Cade let us borrow his sunglasses!

Brandon, Cade, Josh and Jaxon! What a Crew!!

All in all I feel like we will spend a lot of time in the pool this summer. Which is great because I love the water. We are blessed both my parents and Josh's parents have a pool so we will always have somewhere to swim.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Okay so there is this extremely nice house in town and they always have the prettiest flowers. It is obvious they have a professional landscaper. Anyways I was driving by the other day and saw the perfect spot for a family picture. Josh has been telling me we cannot afford to have professional pictures taken. So I decided to stop and ask the home owner if he minded if we took some pictures in his yard. To my surprise he said "YES!" I was so excited and when you see the pics below you will understand why! It was SOOOO HOT and the mosquitos were really bad. We had to keep checking Jaxon to make sure there wasn't any on him. We were so hot and it was on a busy busy street so people were driving by just staring. Josh was a trooper and did not complain too much. Ha! He really didn't have much of an argument since my mom took the pics-FREE! Thanks Mom!!! So between the heat, mosquitos and busy street you can see why I am so happy we got a couple of good pictures. Hope you enjoy the photo shoot!

Next I added a pic of my mom, Jaxon and I. Also there is really good picture of Jaxon by himself.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend we headed out to the lake. Josh's parents and brother and his family are all camping out there this week. We had a good time enjoying the nice weather

Check out Jaxon's mohawk. You can barely see it in the pic, but it was so cute in real life.

Here is Jaxon with his uncle Jeremy. Just taking it easy!
Here is Josh, trying to catch a quick nap. He and I took the opportunity to relax while Jaxon took a nap. It was really nice and relaxing. I was in the hammock while Josh kicked back in the lounge chair.

Her is me and Jaxon swinging in the hammock. Surprisingly he liked it, but only for a short period of time.

I wanted to show this picture. I bought this contraption the other day on clearance at Target. It is called "Walking Wings" it really is a back saver. Jaxopn is really still getting used to it. He loves for you to walk him around so I thought this could really come in handy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

First Time!!!

Okay I am a first timer blogger, so bear with me until I get this stuff down. As you know if you read my profile I have a 7 month old baby boy and a husband that I have been married to for 4 years now. So to get my blog started I just wanted to add multiple pics of all of us. Enjoy!!!

Here are my babies Jaxon and Harly. They both bring a ton of joy to my life, but only one likes to wake me up crying at roughly 4 am every morning :). Isn't being a mother so wonderful. They say you learn how to adjust to no sleep and that is so true.

Here are the wonderful men in my life. If you can't tell by the picture Josh does not like to take photos. Jaxon was getting really cranky at this point during our photo shoot.

I absolutley adore this picture.

Jaxon getting some love from mommy! Hope everyone has a great weekend.