Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a pretty lazy weekend, we did not do alot. We did go swimming again with Brandy, Brandon and Cade. After swimming we went out to eat at a hole in the wall restaurant that was really good. So I am going to post a bunch of various pics from the weekend. I also left Jaxon in the nursery yesterday for the first time. I always take him to the nursery and stay in there with him, but yesterday I left him and went back to the sanctuary. The ladies in the nursery said that he did great!

Cute boys with their shades on!

Here I am with both the boys. As you can see Jaxon is trying to take Cade's sippy cup!
I had to take a picutre of this! My in-laws have planted these sunflowers and they are huge. We set the boys in front of them for some pics. Then I took a pic with Jaxon just to show how tall they are. They are taller than me and I am 5'9- that is just CRAZY!!!

I had been getting a baby shower gift ready and Jaxon heard the tissue paper. So here he came a crawling and I gave him a piece. He got in front of the mirror and really had a good time shaking that paper all around. Finally had to take it away when he had ripped it to shreds and started eating it. haha!

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