Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Okay so there is this extremely nice house in town and they always have the prettiest flowers. It is obvious they have a professional landscaper. Anyways I was driving by the other day and saw the perfect spot for a family picture. Josh has been telling me we cannot afford to have professional pictures taken. So I decided to stop and ask the home owner if he minded if we took some pictures in his yard. To my surprise he said "YES!" I was so excited and when you see the pics below you will understand why! It was SOOOO HOT and the mosquitos were really bad. We had to keep checking Jaxon to make sure there wasn't any on him. We were so hot and it was on a busy busy street so people were driving by just staring. Josh was a trooper and did not complain too much. Ha! He really didn't have much of an argument since my mom took the pics-FREE! Thanks Mom!!! So between the heat, mosquitos and busy street you can see why I am so happy we got a couple of good pictures. Hope you enjoy the photo shoot!

Next I added a pic of my mom, Jaxon and I. Also there is really good picture of Jaxon by himself.

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