Friday, June 5, 2009

First Time!!!

Okay I am a first timer blogger, so bear with me until I get this stuff down. As you know if you read my profile I have a 7 month old baby boy and a husband that I have been married to for 4 years now. So to get my blog started I just wanted to add multiple pics of all of us. Enjoy!!!

Here are my babies Jaxon and Harly. They both bring a ton of joy to my life, but only one likes to wake me up crying at roughly 4 am every morning :). Isn't being a mother so wonderful. They say you learn how to adjust to no sleep and that is so true.

Here are the wonderful men in my life. If you can't tell by the picture Josh does not like to take photos. Jaxon was getting really cranky at this point during our photo shoot.

I absolutley adore this picture.

Jaxon getting some love from mommy! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. What a cute blog! It really is a great way to stay connected. :) :) :) I had Ken come look at all your pictures. Your little man sure is growing fast! Super cute!! :)